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Countries in which it is illegal to deny the Holocaust


"Independence is the right economic choice for Scotland" 


Sometimes there’s just something that catches my eye in the opinions section of the Financial Times. This is definitely one of those cases. John Swinney writes:

"Scotland is a wealthy nation. We have raised more in tax per head than the UK as a whole for each of the last 32 years. Our public…


Marxists of the World, Unite!



Marxists of the World, Unite!


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Found a “Reblog if you’re a Nationalist” post with nearly 400 notes. Can we get more?

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Despite what No supporters might claim, a vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP. A vote for independence is a vote for a fairer, more democratic Scotland. I do not want to live in a Scotland ruled by Westminster. I want to live in a Scotland with a Parliament elected entirely by the people of Scotland, so decisions will be made by people who are concerned the most about the interests of Scotland. Independence means an end to policies and programmes not wanted by the Scottish people such as the bedroom tax and Trident. Please vote YES.


As another UNRWA school serving as a shelter for Palestinians in Gaza was hit by shells on Wednesday, killing children, senior UN officials strongly condemned the attacks and warned against the targeting of civilians.

“Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. “UN shelters should be safe zones, not combat zones.”

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commissarbryant said: What's your opinion on the presence of Neo-Nazis among the Ukrainian militias?


They make up less than a percent of the total Ukrainian forces fighting in the East - Right Sector forces are a small, auxiliary force, comprising the tiniest fraction of the militia. There is no “neo-nazi” militia in the east past these individuals, who are not truly neo-nazis.

The Right Sector platform does not call for anti-semitism; in fact, some of the most wealthy Jews in Ukraine are public about their financing of Right Sector and Ukrainian Forces in the east. They are insane, yes, and should not be trusted in any sort of position of power, but they are not about to start any kind of genocide like some movements I can think of (hint: Russians in the Arab and Caucasian states). Contrasting this with the DPR’s extremely hostile position towards Jews, and the notion of them being true “neo-nazis” becomes quite clearly false. Are they part of the Extreme right wing? Yes, absolutely, that’s disgusting enough as it is, but they’re certainly not Nazis.

They are kept under a tight leash and I hope they will be disbanded after the fighting is done. While necessary for the revolution to have occurred as fast as it did, their presence did cause outrage and propaganda to spin out of control, despite their incredibly small numbers. 

Right Sector has less than a percent of Ukrainians supporting them - I can assure you that number will not grow; the number’s faded even quicker now that their leader is wanted by interpol - although knowing how interpol operates, that’s more due to Russian influence than any actual evidence of crimes. When the Jewish committee of Rabbis in Ukraine publicly declare there is no real threat to Russians or Jews in the nation by these individuals as it currently stands to this day. The current acting PM of Ukraine is Jewish, and much of the cabinet and government is as well - that’s saying something.

It should be noted that Russia contains more than half of all neo-nazis in the world, with one of the largest shares of Fascists and “National Bolsheviks” across the globe. It is hypocritical for the Russian government, which in any other position would be considered a fascist one, to claim that Ukraine is ruled by a “nazi junta”, when their leader has made up laws to keep himself in power indefinitely, while nationalizing industry and creating possibly the most corrupt nation in the world.

When a party like Jobbik, which actively calls for the extermination of all Jews in Hungary publicly supports and petitions for Putin, as well as the rest of the European Extreme Right, one should be able to surmise just how prominent these “neo-nazis” are in Ukraine.

A friend of mine once said: You know what the problem is with being an economist? Everyone has an opinion about the economy. No body goes up to a geologist and says, ‘Igneous rocks are fucking bullshit.’

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